After receiving the form, we will contact you to prepare a free moving quote for you. Subsequently, we will send you the moving quote via email. Please note that the free quote is only a rough estimate based on the information we have obtained from you. Therefore, we also offer free inspections. If you live too far away for the free inspection, we will contact you to discuss a practical alternative.

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For a regular move, it’s important to ensure that your belongings are transport-ready. This means that disassembly and packing should already be done by the customer.

If this is not the case, we kindly ask you to indicate this in the “Comments or Special Requests” section. This way, we can take this into account when preparing the free quote for you.

TIP: Try to pack as many loose items in CLOSED boxes as possible. This allows the movers to work more efficiently!

TIP: Try to provide as much information as possible in the form regarding your belongings. This enables us to provide an accurate quote for you.